Surveillance & Networking

There has been an explosion of business activities taking place on the Internet. With the vast number of business networks connected to it, the need is greater than ever for powerful and easy to administer Internet gateways providing secure connections while enhancing and improving network performance.

Although an Internet firewall solution is no guarantee of a secure environment, it’s an essential measure if your business is connected to the Internet. To provide complete security and peace of mind, a firewall solution should be implemented alongside thorough virus detection, strict access control, strong file system security and strict security policies and procedures.

Allogan Groups has experience with a number of firewall solutions and has found that each must be viewed in relation to the role that it is expected to fulfill. The right choice depends upon the situation. As a company we recommend a range of products including Cyberoam, Sonicwall, fortinet, Juniper Netscreen, Watch guard, and Cisco ASA.