About Us


To Perform For Our Customers The Highest Level Of Quality Services At Fair And Market Competitive Prices.

To Ensure The Longevity Of Our Company Through Repeat And Referral Business Achieved By Customer Satisfaction In All Areas Including Timeliness, Attention To Detail And Service-Minded Attitudes.

To Maintain The Highest Levels Of Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty And Fairness In Our Relationships With Our Employees, Our Suppliers, Subcontractors, Professional Associates And Valuable Customers.


The Allogan Company Will Inspire Its Employees To Be The Best They Can Be. We Will Engage In Sustainable Practices And Anticipate The Needs Of Our Customers. Enlightening Clients' Future Through Our Passion For Innovation Which Is Value For Money Accompanied By Exquisite Services.


Your Thoughts, Our Goal.

About Company

In 1996 Mr. Abdul Aziz Allogan started a small restaurant in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Under his control he developed the restaurant as a good in this area. Later his son Mr. Sami Abdul Aziz, take care the restaurant and converted as Company on 1999 and he became the CEO of the company named “Abdul Aziz Allogan Mutlaq Company” called as “ALLOGAN GROUP OF COMPANY” in the same area Dammam. And then he started to work hard to develop the business and In the year 2002 he opened the second restaurant in Dammam. In the year 2015, he was opened a new restaurant in Jubail.

Late 2002 parallely he started the Cafeteria in Science College, Dammam. And keep his vision on business development and opened more cafeterias in other colleges like Education College, Literature College, Medical College for Boys, Shariah College, Business Management College.

In the year 2010 the company entered in Real estate business like managing properties, Rental Collection and Project Management with LSTK.

In the year 2013 the company entered in construction business as a separate one and doing construction projects in Dammam, alkhobar and Jubail area in Saudi Arabia.

Later 2015, the company think about the daily problems happened in our normal life and focused to rectify the issue and then they have to started the company called “TOOLS MAINTENANCE” and this TM have more ideas with Software and mobile applications, the customers are going to registered by single click to their problems, its available in both IOS and Android.

After getting more experience from retail markets and got more ideas, with these ideas the company entered in MEAT SHOP on 2016, here completely hygienic meats are available with quality cutting and sales. Later the company Entered in Information Technology Business in 2017 and we have to develop the websites, mobile application for both IOS and Android, CCTV and Surveillance and Networking and IT business…. Still we are going to serve more in this country with good and quality products.

Why Us?

We have a long term vision with technology and we have to provide the value service to each and everyone in the kingdom. And plan to increase more services in future with advanced models. Obviously, This will improve both nation and company.

Meet the Team

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Sami Abdul Aziz

Founder & CEO

To provide the best service at minimum cost to the valuable customers and make insure get in the most update and reliable technologies from all over the world. To be inline with world technological company environment. The company premier objective is to the part of the Kingdom Vision “KSA 2030” business plan, To be one of the most advance manufacturing countries in the Globe.

Our Service Managers